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Teaching yoga is very meaningful.

But teaching with an empty stomach or having to worry about how to pay rent,

without any financial stability, is not enjoyable.

What is Mentorship Workshop?

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More than just a post-yoga TTC, The Mentorship Workshop is a specially designed course that will enhance your yoga teaching career on many levels and help you become the teacher you desire to be. In this training, international yoga teacher and IRIS: Your Escape Programme Director Victor Chau will work closely with you to define your personal goals and create a clear path toward obtaining them. Focusing on direct and supportive feedback as well as one-on-one attention, you will be made aware of what is limiting you and will be shown the tools to help conquer those limitations. This special program is guaranteed to improve your confidence, knowledge and will encourage you to develop and really own your unique gifts as a yoga teacher.


Graduates of this workshop will have the opportunity to assist Victor and other past Mentorship Workshop graduates in major yoga festivals in Hong Kong and beyond.

Over the past five years, the Mentorship Workshop has nurtured over 100 yoga teachers in Hong Kong – both new and experienced – by creating a tight and supportive yoga community. Many of its graduates are now teaching at such prominent yoga centres and studios as Fivelements, Pure Yoga, Flex Studio and Yoga Room, and are ambassadors for major yoga/sportswear brands. They have also taught at many yoga festivals in Hong Kong and led their own yoga workshops and retreats around the world.

Who is it for?

​This is suitable for you if you...

  • Have completed a yoga teacher training program

  • Have 0 - 4 years of teaching experience

  • Are an experienced yoga student who wants to teach

Commercial yoga teaching is not a must but some yoga teaching experience is recommended. You may also be considered if you are about to enter a teacher training programme.


Meet Our Graduates



Founder of Feel Good Factory,

Lululemon Ambassador. @reebiesw

When I took Victor’s weekend mentorships workshop in 2017, I didn’t actually plan to take the workshop.  Victor and I were already working together, we were good friends, and I basically practiced and learned with him every week. We were both unsure how much I would take away from the workshop, but I joined knowing that any opportunity to learn will be an opportunity to receive. 

From this short weekend I got a renewed sense of respect for my friend and his passion for supporting, uplifting, and seeing success in others. This is the place where you’ll learn more about yourself, gain a network of teachers whom will become your friends, and be connected to the wellness and fitness community.  This is the place that connected me to my amazing lululemon family and presented the opportunity to teach at Iris: Your Escape, the largest wellness festival in Hong Kong.




Founder of Om Yoga by Calm Enterprise,

Lululemon Ambassador. @olmenchu

I'm so grateful that I joined this fantastic mentorship program by Victor Chau.


The participation of this mentorship program allows my yoga network to grow immensely. It also helped me to gain my confidence and my professional abilities

Does this sound familiar?

I have just finished my 200-hour TTC, now what?


I need help finding my unique voice as a teacher.


I am not making enough money and don’t know how to make more teaching yoga.

I have taught a few classes but need some feedback so I can improve.

I want to learn how to get my business started.

I am an experienced yoga teacher and I’m burned-out … I want to reignite my passion!

Should I start community classes to increase my profile?


How do I  get my name out as a yoga teacher?

Let's look at the stats...

Number of Mentorship Graduates who are...

Lululemon ambassadors: 4

Nike trainers: 2

Fivelements teachers: 5

Pure Yoga teachers: 5

Studio owners: 4

IRIS:Your Escape presenters: 5



E-RYT, Iris: Your Escape Presenter


I am so glad I embraced the opportunity to take the #mentorshipworkshop. In addition to yoga studies, Victor shared his insights and experience on the business of yoga, which is not often discussed openly.

The Upper House - Wellness - Yoga Class



RYT, Upper House Yoga Teacher

Founder of @janith.chang

It was an honour to learn from one of Hong Kong's premier and pioneering yoga teachers - Victor. I would recommend this workshop to teachers who have completed their YTT and are interested in pursuing the next step of beginning their teaching career. This workshop delves into the practical and business side of being a yoga teacher, which is particularly helpful as these topics aren't often discussed in a 200-hour YTT. One of the biggest benefits of Victor's Mentorship Workshop was the access to arguably the widest network of elite yoga teachers in the city, as well as exposure to different opportunities at festivals and events. Victor is a highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher trainer who brings a keen business eye and humour to everything that he does! Thank you, Victor!

Here's What You'll Learn

Day 1 | 9am - 1pm, 2:00pm - 6pm (8 hours)


  • Led vinyasa yoga practice

  • Effective Communications

  • Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Setting an intention in your classes. Asanas sequencing

  • Assisting Clinic 1 (Standing asanas, Arm Balances)

  • Small group teaching and feedback

Day 2 | 9am - 1pm, 2:00pm - 6pm (8 hours)


  • Led vinyasa Yoga practice

  • Assisting Clinic 2 (Inversions, backbends)

  • Large group teaching and feedback

  • Reaching out to your community and how to succeed in teaching yoga as a business and a lifelong profession

What Happens After?

  • One-on-one coaching with either Victor or senior teachers from #mentorshipworkshop.

  • Exclusive membership to #mentorshipworkshop, connecting with 100+ successful yoga teachers in Hong Kong

  • Opportunity to assist Victor at various yoga conferences and workshops in Hong Kong and beyond.

  • Opportunity to work with #mentorshipworkshop 100+ graduates

  • Firsthand access to industry knowledge and job opportunities

  • Opportunity to teach community classes with Lululemon Hong Kong

  • Many, many more