Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m completely new to yoga, can I still join?

Yes, the challenge is designed to progress gradually and the teacher will give you very specific verbal cues so you won’t be lost in your practice. Variations for different levels will be offered.

2. I haven’t done yoga on zoom before, what do I need to prepare beforehand?
Apart from a yoga mat, two yoga blocks and a yoga belt, a smart phone and a stable WI-FI connection would be required.
If you already have a yoga mat but don’t have yoga blocks or yoga belt, a sturdy water bottle or a small box, or a towel and leather can do the job too.

3. How much space do I need to take these yoga classes?
A clear space that is big enough to fit a yoga mat would be ideal. Move some small furniture if necessary. Remove any sharp object or corners for your own safety.
Feel free to take your practice outdoors as long as there’s a stable connection.

4. Must I turn on the camera?
We do encourage you to turn on the camera because this is the only way the instructor can see how you are performing in the class and give you the feedback that you don’t normally get in a zoom class, or even in a large, face to face group class.

5. Why 10 days?
A: In order to experience positive physical and mental transformation, a consistent practice is required for that to happen. 10 days are really a minimum and trust me, if you stick to it, your body and mind will thank you for that.
In the future, we might launch a shorter challenge with more flexibility.

6. How will these 10 days of yoga practice actually help me?
The quality of your sleep will be improved and you will be able to relax more easily. When your body rests better, your immunity will improve, helping you fight diseases. You will also feel more flexible, energised and stronger. You will feel less stressed and find it easier to stay focused. You will also feel calmer and happier, despite the challenges you’re facing. The benefits are countless, but only if you commit to this programme.


7. What if I miss a class?
No problem, you can log in to view the recorded class of that day. In fact, everyone has access to the class video library for 30 days from the start of the programme.


8. How do I stand a chance to win the prizes?
Easy! Just attend every class. Winners will be selected in a lucky draw to win one of the prizes.


9. My partner and I want to join together at home. Is there a discount?
Yes! To encourage and promote physical and mental health for the household, there’s a 50% off for the second ticket purchased for the second member of the family/household. You will receive your discount code after you purchase your first full price ticket.