Stories of Empowerment to Inspire Your Daily Life

1) You were with Lululemon Athletica before, and now you’re at Lane Eight, a Hong Kong sports shoes company. Tell us more about all the exciting projects you work on with them. What have you learned from these two companies?

As the Retail Manager for Lane Eight, I have the joy of being involved in many parts of the business from creating standard operating procedures for the stores to being in YouTube videos with local creators!

I am currently working on opening the newest store in Shatin, New Town Plaza. Lululemon Athletica taught me the importance of vulnerability as a leader and Lane Eight has taught me how to say no and stay focused, as we are still a small but vibrant startup.

2) Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

Drag queens, Disney movies, and walking around soaking up the beauty around me!

3) What does your daily routine look like and how do you fit yoga into your schedule?

Since I work in retail, I usually start my day off with self-practice or teaching in the morning, then I head to my full-time job. At Lane Eight, I still wiggle yoga into my work by inviting everyone from the office for a lunchtime practice or teaching my retail team some asanas during the downtime.

That's the beauty of working with people with the same values. Our team is full of athletic people who like to explore new ways to move. After work, I go home, turn off and be present with my loved ones.

4) Some may say you’re a crazy cat lady, tell us about your fur kids.

I am a proud crazy cat mom of four. I can talk your ear off about them, so let's save that for a lunch date. For now, I'll describe each of them with one word...
Jekyll - clever, Hyde - sweet, Mac - crazy and Cheese - princess.

5) As a cat dad myself, I can’t imagine what you had to go through when Cheese had got sick recently. How did you cope with the anxiety from one of your cats getting sick? What advice do you have for other people with furry friends?

When we adopted Cheese, the adoption center was transparent about her chronic health issues, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Death is a part of life, and I just focus on giving her the best life while she is here with us.

My other cat lady friend told me not to hold on to the thought that she would have a short life because those thoughts create our reality and send negative messages to our cat. I loved that advice.

6) It’s been just over a year since you completed Empowered Flow yoga teacher training. How has your practice evolved since then?

I have a much more structured and disciplined self-practice, which came in handy during the lockdowns. I'm connected with myself and am intentional with my practice. Now I'm all about feeling good and enjoying the journey rather than trying to do the next advanced asana I see on Instagram.

7) You’ve mentioned to me before that being very flexible yourself can actually be more of a challenge than a benefit. Could you share more about that with us?

I love stretching, but sometimes a girl just wants to do a handstand, not flip into a wheel pose. My back is quite bendy which makes inversions a challenge because I lack the core and shoulder strength to be stable. Life is all about balance. It's a journey, and I'm working on it.

8) What are you reading, watching, and listening to right now?

I start and end my day with The New York Times, I'm watching Rupaul's Drag Race Season 14, and I'm listening to some good ol' throwbacks.

We want to thank you, Eri, for giving us a peek at your life and how yoga continues to influence you and the people you love! Follow Eri's yoga journey on her Instagram account and let's show our support!