Embark on a journey into self empowerment, inner strength and self inquiry

through the learning and practice of yoga.

What is Empowered Flow?


Empowered Flow is a Vinyasa style yoga practice that seeks to challenge you to transform physically, mentally and spiritually – one asana at a time. You will discover new ways to move your body, experience personal breakthroughs, see the world with a new perspective, delve deep into your weaknesses and turn them into your strength. Just like a caterpillar, you will metamorphasise into a better version of yourself – a butterfly that spreads its wings and inspires others through yoga practice.

Led by Hong Kong-based, international yoga pioneer Victor Chau, this training is a comprehensive vinyasa yoga teacher training programme that will empower you to teach yoga with authenticity, heart and your unique voice.

Apart from learning how to do a handstand and deeper backbends safely, you will how to teach and adjust an actual class with students face-to-face. This teacher training, however, does not just stop there. You learn how to use social media to spread your voice, communicate and teach, according to the needs of the current Covid-19 situation and market needs.

Programme Details

Module 1 – The Power of Practice – Asana practice, Teaching theories, Adjust and assist

▻Dates: May 13-21 (9 days)
▻Time: 8AM – 5PM
▻Venue: The Yoga Room
▻Price: HKD 12,300 (Early bird), HKD 13,500 (Regular Price)
*Early Bird discount until 13 April 2022


Module 2 – The Power of Self – Philosophy, Anatomy, Asana practice, Adjust and Assist

▻Dates: May 27-30, June 4-6 (7 days)
▻Time: 8AM – 5PM
▻Venue: The Yoga Room
▻Price: HKD 9,800 (Early bird), HKD 10,700 (Regular Price)

*Early Bird discount until 27 April 2022

Module 3 – The Power of Sharing – Asana practice, Teaching with integrity and confidence, Kid’s and Prenatal Yoga

▻Dates: June 10-13, 17-19 (7 days)
▻Time: 8AM – 5PM
▻Venue: The Yoga Room
▻Price: HKD 9,800 (Early bird), HKD 10,700 (Regular Price)

*Early bird discount until 10 May 2022



Three modules (184 hours)

▻Price: HKD 29,000 (Early bird), HKD 32,000 (Regular Price)
*Early bird discount until 13  2022

*Installment plan for payment available. Please contact us for details.

Expert Guest Teachers

Each year, we invite a panel of guest teachers to share their wisdom and knowledge with you.

Copy of November 2021 - Victor YTT Flyer.png

Hema is the founder of The Yoga Room and completed her first teacher training in Boston in 2004.


She has studied Yin under teachers Paul Grilley and David Kim. She completed her advanced 300 hours training in Yoga Therapeutics (Svastha Yoga Program) with Dr. Ganesh Mohan and is a YA registered prenatal and Kids Yoga teacher.

Rebecca’s yoga journey began in 2006.


She teaches Inside Flow, a style of Vinyasa Flow that marries music with yoga. She is also the co-creator of Move to Feel Good, a hybrid class that blends conditioning into a yoga flow.


Rebecca is also a Level 5 certified AntiGravity® Fitness instructor and a lululemon ambassador. She is the founder of Feel Good Factory.

Tee offers regular classes at Asaya Wellness at the Rosewood Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui. He has also filmed over fifty classes and compiled various signature series including Functional Strength, Functional Mobility, Arm Balancing, Bend with Strength and Yin for Recovery for XYZ On-Air online fitness platform.


Tee teaches with the goal of providing his students the clarity and confidence to adapt their practice for themselves, then therefore; others.


What Our Graduates Have To Say....

The transformation and inner empowerment are significantly noticeable. Very well organised and informative TTC. Great course for yoga teachers to be or for those who want an in depth knowledge in yoga practice. No regret in joining the course! The journey is fun, motivative and inspiring. Victor Chau is always here to empower us physically, mentally and spiritually. Love the experience heaps.❤️

- Charmain


Observing my classmates from different backgrounds, practice levels and attitudes is both interesting and inspiring. It reminds me that teaching yoga is two-way interaction and requires good interpersonal skills.

- Ann


After practicing with Victor Chau for the last 2 years, he is the only yoga practitioner that could allow the clients or learners to grow on the mat space with fun and laugher all the time. Thanks for allowing me to cry and gear off on the mat space with beautiful souls in this teacher training. This is absolutely out of my expectation and a revolving journey in my lifetime. Highly recommend for everyone to keep empowering others on this globe.

- Dr. Wendy Wong


The TTC by Victor Chau is an amazing journey. I have learnt various verbal cues and hands-on adjustments which allow me to confidently and effectively teach a yoga class with my own style. In general, I have become a more optimistic person as I understand more myself both physically and mentally and I am less anxious about the future that I could not control. Thank you Victor!

- Davie


I’m new to yoga (less than a year) and I learnt so much from Victor’s TTC. It is true that you learn 99% when you teach. I conquered my fear and pushed the limit of my body and I am now comfortable to teach yoga to a small class.

- Kai


Every moment we spent to practice and being together. It is not just about physically practicing on the mat, it is also about how yoga connects people with same passion, and learn how to stay present and let things go.

- Michael


Eye opening experience to see what yoga really is aside from the asanas. Victor’s feedback is always straight to the point and encouraging, making it motivating for us to keep improving ourselves.

- Derek


Empowered Flow TTC really helped me get out of my comfort zone, especially from learning to put myself out there more. There are still days where limiting beliefs pop up but I always come back to my practice and I believe I can do literally anything I put my mind to.

- Rachel


Ineffable, 5 stars, highly recommend, excellent growth

- Sarah


It was all inclusive for what a 200-hr graduate needed to be successful to teach after graduation. Thank you for making it wholistic.

- Eri


Good size of the group, well thought of the modules and learning progression. I really learnt a lot from asana practise to yoga philosophy, and also can interact in different TA who share their teaching experiences. That really beneficial for the new yoga teachers like us

- Anon


The training was very informative. It provided a very solid foundation to my Yoga Career. It was definitely a rewarding and fun journey.

- Anon