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AQUMON x Victor Chau x Fivelements Habitat: Yoga Workshop

From now until August 7th, anyone who opens an AQUMON account using my invitation code 176986 will be registered for a free class with me and receive a goodie bag valued over HK$2,500.

Date: Sunday, Aug 8th | 10am -12pm
Venue: Fivelements Habitats, Causeway Bay
Fee: Free of Charge*

*Eligible to new AQUMON clients. Limited mats, first come first serve. Other T&Cs apply.

Balancing Financial, Physical and Mental Wellness

Is the pursuit of inner peace at odds with that of financial gains? This is a topic that comes up again and again in the yoga teaching space.

Last month, AQUMON invited me for an episode of Money Talks where I share what money means to me and how I balance my wellness needs through the yoga practice. I wanted to share it here for any yoga teachers or aspiring teachers who might find this useful.

What does money mean to you?

Money is like fire. If you know how to use it safely, it gives you life. It can provide you with delicious food and great sourdough. However, if you are not careful with fire (money), it can also burn your house down. So we need to be cautious.

Is it ok to teach Yoga for money?

It is absolutely fine to teach yoga while making money.
But teaching yoga should not be exclusively for money.

The time and money cost involved to be a certified yoga teacher is an investment and as with all investments we want to have positive returns. Some new yoga instructors are not confident enough and they usually undercharge.

Practically speaking, we still have to make a living! If being a yoga instructor is only a part-time job or extra income source for you, how much you charge might not be so important. Yet, if you are a full-time yoga instructor and have multiple dependents, it is reasonable and appropriate to look for higher returns.

Are Spirituality and Money Mutually Exclusive? Definitely not.

In yoga philosophy, Samādhi is the highest state of consciousness where one only has a sole focus in mind and would not be distracted and affected by one’s surroundings. It is impossible to achieve that stage without learning the fundamentals of yoga.

I wouldn't have been able to give up everything for teaching yoga in the early stages of my career even though I loved it. I had to take care of my responsibilities and family. People have mortgage loans to pay off too

So, is making more money better? Not really. Similar to the taichi of Taoism, yoga upholds the principle of balance. Having too much money lures us into the trap of materialistic desires and can lead to financial disputes while earning too little induces poverty-related stress. Spirituality teaches us to maintain a balance between our desires and being content with what we have, and not to blindly give up everything nor to pursue everything.

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