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10 Days of Happiness

Do you want to become happier in these challenging times?
Join us on this journey towards happiness from Apr 4 - 15, 2022.

9 days of yoga practice and fitness to make you happy, with Hong Kong’s top instructors

Dharma Yoga, Empowered Flow, Inside Flow

1 day of guided candle gazing meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise) for reflection.

HIIT workout to make you sweat

Online live classes, direct feedback to guide your practice to ensure maximum safety and efficiency

If you miss a class? You can play back anytime for 30 days. Or simply repeat the series in your own time.

Why should you join?

We all want to be happy. But let me tell you a secret, happiness is not something you find. It is something you need to work on and cultivate: from your heart.


This is a new class series designed to open your heart and expand your horizon - helping you find space in your heart. You will work through a series of back bends with Delia so that the burden on your shoulders will melt away.


Rebecca will guide you through an internal journey with Inside Flow. Avey from Sweat with Avey, will of course make you sweat with exhilarating cardio exercises.


Closing this series will be a guided tratak (candle light gazing meditation). If you normally find it hard to meditate, tratak, will definitely help you focus and stay calm.


At the end of these 10 days, you will become happy, a kind of happiness you can keep and share with people around you, despite any situation in life. When you are happy, you can relax more easily, fall asleep more quickly and smile more readily. 

What do we ask of you?

  • Show up every day for your practice on Zoom

  • Turn on your camera - so the teacher can give you accurate verbal adjustment

  • Prepare a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, one yoga belt, click here order yours now.

  • Prepare some water for during the class

  • Prepare a candle for meditation click here to see what kind of candle you’ll need.

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Programme Flow

 All classes will start at 6:30pm

Classes are led by Victor unless stated otherwise

Day 1 [Apr 4] - Gentle Vinyasa

Day 2 [Apr 5] - Inside Flow with Rebecca

Day 3 [Apr 6] - Heart Opening Vinyasa

Day 4 [Apr 7] - Vinyasa and a pinch of yin

Day 5 [Apr 8] - Dharma Yoga with Delia


Day 6 [Apr 11] - Empowered Flow

Day 7 [Apr 12] - Sweat with Avey

Day 8 [Apr 13] - Candle Light Meditation

Day 9 [Apr 14] - Empowered Flow

Day 10 [Apr 15] - Inside Flow with Rebecca


Anyone who shows up for all classes (yes, 100% attendance) is eligible for the lucky draw to win one of these amazing prizes:


First Prize

One lucky winner will get to upgrade their yoga mats with The Mat Pro by Clesign, valued at HKD1,368.


Second Prize

Three lucky winners will get hold of a Skinationship Travel by Herbs’Oil valued at HKD450.

fluid x.JPG

Third Prize

Five lucky winners will snag the Instability Training Gear Fluid X Cube 7 valued at HKD359.

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