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10 Days of Empowerment

Are you ready to commit to improving your physical and mental health in 10 consecutive days?

Join us in Hong Kong’s first ever online yoga challenge that holds you accountable for your practice from March 7 to 11, 14-18, 2022.

10 days of Empowered Flow, a multilevel vinyasa style yoga practice suitable for beginners and intermediate yogis alike. 

1 day of guided meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise) for reflection.

A different theme of practice every day

Online live classes, direct feedback to guide your practice to ensure maximum safety and efficiency

If you miss a class? You can play back anytime for 30 days. Or simply repeat the challenge in your own time.

Why should you join?

We are facing some of the most challenging times right now. Life has never been so uncertain and you might feel anxious and are unable to sleep every day.


By practicing yoga, and Empowered Flow, you will learn how to better equip yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to face the challenges you face.


Welcome to Empowered Flow, a style of yoga that will help you become stronger, calmer and perhaps go upside down.


For the veteran yogis, ask yourself how many times you have joined a zoom yoga class or watched a Youtube video to do yoga and you’re still not getting the results you’re looking for?


This is because in most classes on zoom, the instructors merely show you how to do certain poses without paying attention to YOU.


In “10 Days of Empowerment,” the focus is on you. Joining forces with Asaya Wellness, Rosewood HongKong, not only will Victor demonstrate certain poses, he will also give you sufficient and meticulous cues, feedback and make it as close to a face-to-face class as possible. 


10 days is a short enough time for anyone to commit, but a long enough time for your body and mind to start seeing true transformation and empowerment, allowing you to cope with any life changing difficulties or simply stay on top of your game.

What do we ask of you?

  • Show up every class day for your practice on Zoom.

  • Turn on the camera of your device, so the teacher can give you accurate verbal adjustments.

  • Prepare a yoga mat (a must!), two yoga blocks and one yoga belt. Need to get some? Order yours here and use promo code VICTORCHAU to get 12% off.

  • Prepare some water during the class.


Programme Flow

 All classes will start at 6:30pm

Classes are all 60 minutes unless stated otherwise

Day 1 [Mar 7] - Opening Stretches

Day 2 [Mar 8] - Warm up

Day 3 [Mar 9] - Mobility

Day 4 [Mar 10] - Every day is leg day

Day 5 [Mar 11] - Strong core, Strong arms


Day 6 [Mar 14] - Are you ready to do some inversions?

Day 7 [Mar 15] - Open Your Heart (back bends)

Day 8 [Mar 16] - Correcting bad postures through yoga

Day 9 [Mar 17] - From Yang to Yin

Day 10 [Mar 18] - Empowered Flow - full version


Anyone who shows up for all classes (yes, 100% attendance) is eligible for the lucky draw to win one of these amazing prizes:

First Prize

One lucky winner will enjoy a 60-minute private yoga class with Victor Chau at Asaya Wellness, Rosewood with an all-access day pass (in person if in Hong Kong, zoom if outside), valued at HKD2,700


Second Prize

Two lucky winners will get to upgrade their yoga mats with The Mat Pro by Clesign, valued at HKD1,368.


Third Prize

Three lucky winners will get hold of a Skinationship Travel  by Herbs’Oil valued at HKD450.