Empowered Flow
200-Hr TTC

APRIL 2022

Embark on a journey into self empowerment, inner strength and self inquiry through the learning and practice of yoga. This yoga teacher training programme seeks to challenge you to transform physically, mentally and spiritually – one asana at a time. You will discover new ways to move your body, experience personal breakthroughs, see the world with a new perspective, delve deep into your weaknesses and turn them into your strength. Just like a caterpillar, you will metamorphasise into a better version of yourself – a butterfly that spreads its wings and inspires others through yoga practice.



Victor Chau

Hey I’m Victor! I’m an international yoga teacher mentor and the creator of Empowered Flow and Mentorship Workshop. After teaching over 7500 hours and leading more than 90 workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, I hope to share my learnings from my teaching career with you.


Yoga has helped me find my true purpose in life, and I’m driven by my passion to build community, and nurture budding yoga teachers to thrive in a competitive yoga teaching market. I want to empower you to grow and in turn help others grow, whether that’s through practice on the mat or off the mat.

I’m a firm believer that my students success is my success.

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For all things yoga, inversions, community and...my other favourite hobby - SOURDOUGH BAKING. It has a lot more in common with yoga than you think!

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Have any burning questions about yoga teaching, improving your own practice or just want to chat? Drop me a message I would love to get to know you!

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Whether you're a yoga teacher wanting to enhance your teaching skills and find more clients, or someone who wants to join in a group class, the Victor Chau Yoga school welcomes anyone of all levels!

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Yoga Teacher Reboot

Level up as a yoga teacher with #mentorshipworkshop and more

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Group Classes

Practise with me in person and on zoom! All levels welcome.

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1:1 Consultation

Feeling stuck as a yoga teacher and not getting any clients? Book a session with me and get a 90-day action plan.

empowerment one asana at a time